About Rajasthan

For centuries the desert landscape of the largest state in India, its parched denizens, the fluorescent colors flaunted by the people, their earthy music and myriad folk dance forms and its martial reputation have lent warmth and vitality to the region. The land is known as much for the royalty and their ostentatious palaces, forts and havelis, as for the spirit and warmth of its people.

The State has always had a charm of its own among all the Indian states. The glitz of royalty……. the rustic charm of the villages………. the hospitality steeped in tradition….. and the beauty of the desert….. all make an attraction that is hard to ignore.

About Jaipur

Jaipur the capital city, was founded by Raja Jai Singh II of the Kachwaha dynasty of Amber. He ascended the throne in 1699 and was awarded the title of ‘Sawai’ meaning one and a quarter by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. The foundation stone of the city was laid on 27th November 1727. Today, Jaipur which is a UNESCO World Heritage City boasts of a large number of forts and palaces including some World UNESCO sites and is one of the foremost tourist destinations in India.

About Jaipura

Jaipura Garh (fortress) is located approx 48 kms from the airport. A heritage property where one is awakened by the calls of the resident peacocks, where one can saunter amongst the lush green lawns and soak in the winter sun during sunrise, where the crisp morning air or at times the foggy mornings can rejuvenate the most tired souls, where one can watch the sunset from the ramparts over chai or a drink of their choice, where one can see farming fields as far as eye can see and last but not the least, where one can enjoy the night sky generously woven with stars. If this is not enough, enjoy and dance around a bonfire with your near and dear ones. All this and more, just an hour’s drive from Jaipur. Its hard to believe that such a habitable place could still exist so close to Jaipur. The serenity of the place makes it an ideal draw for writers, artists and every peace lover. Jaipura Garh is a 200 year old fortress, meticulously restored. Spread over 4000 sq.mts and fronted by a spacious garden, the property houses just six elegant and comfortable ensuite bedrooms. The ideal season to enjoy Jaipura Garh is between the months of October and March.